“We have had a lot of success with good quality AAV viruses from the Neurophotonics platform. The large database of viruses are available at very competitive rates with a quick turn around time. This is helpful because it allows us to try new designs or approaches to optimize our research study.”

Melissa Chee
University of Carleton

Les services de la plateforme sont très personnalisés et permettent d’obtenir des préparations virales d’excellente qualité et parfaitement adaptées à mes besoins.

The services of the Molecular Tools Platform are very personalized and provides viral preparations of excellent quality and perfectly adapted to my needs.


Matthieu Vanni
Professeur Adjoint / Assistant Professor
École d’Optométrie – Université de Montréal

The Canadian Neurophotonics Platform has been an invaluable resource to the Woodin Lab since its inception and we continue to enjoy the exceptional services provided by this group.  AAV vectors are a cornerstone of our research program and the CNP has consistently provided us with virus of exceptional quality and high titers in a timely fashion.  As well, they have worked with us on multiple occasions to create novel vectors or to adapt current vectors to new aims with exceptional professionalism and expediency, again doing so on an admirably expedient schedule.  We cannot recommend the CNP enough to do them justice; they are an exceptional team and we look forward to continuing to work with them for many years to come!

-Woodin Lab, University of Toronto