Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

In most cases, you must obtain a Material Transfer Agreement from the developer of the tool you will use prior to ordering it. The MTA is an agreement between you and the researcher, and you must obtain this yourself, if required.

Please upload your MTAs at the bottom of your account page

The source of constructs is indicated on the product page

Tools from Karl Deisseroth’s lab

If you are using these viruses for the first time, please obtain a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) by contacting Dr. Karl Deisseroth and Charu Ramakrishnan

Instructions to obtain an MTA from the Deisseroth lab are here:

Please submit a copy of your MTA along with your virus order.

For a complete description of these constructs, please visit Dr. Deisseroth’s website:

Tools from Ed Boyden’s lab

For a complete description of the tools developed in Dr. Ed Boyden’s laboratory, please visit There is no MTA required for these tools but you are required to acknowledge Dr. Boyden in your publication.

Tools from Tsien, Roth, Cohen, Oertner

For viruses produced based on constructs from Tsien, Roth,Cohen, Oertner, please obtain an MTA by contacting the principal investigator.

Tools from Janelia Labs

Please contact to complete an MTA for these tools

Other molecular tools platform constructs

Note that we can produce viruses based on plasmids available through Addgene provided that an MTA has been signed or permission has been granted by the depositing lab.