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Molecular Tools Platform Team

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Viral vector production specialist:

  • Nizar Chetoui Ph.D.

Research professionals:

  • Ann Lorrain B.Sc., molecular biology
  • Isabelle Labonté Ph.D. molecular biology and flow cytometry, Cell sorting platform
  • Marc Boisvert Ph.D. virus production and development
  • Anne Sebilo M.Sc. In Vivo testing


  • Hugo Orosz B.Sc. plasmid production/molecular biology


The Molecular Tool Platform (MTP) is a vector core facility service localized at the CERVO Brain Research Center.

The platform provides the CERVO community and the Quebec and Canadian researchers services in gene transfer technologies, molecular biology, the generation of transgenic animals and the production of viral vectors.

MTP allows researchers to have access to consultation, technical assistance or to order a turn-key project for which our team takes care of all the steps from the draft strategy to the delivery of the finished product.

We develop, amongst others, genetic tools that allow the expression of fluorescent proteins used in imaging of the nervous system.

The services offered by MTP can be divided into two areas of expertise:

1. Molecular constructions: Design, cloning and production of molecular constructions in order to produce plasmid expression vectors or to generate transgenic animals (Knock-out or Knock-in animals).

2. Viral vectors: The design and production of various viral vectors. This service includes advice and assistance for the choice of suitable vectors required by investigators. The platform produces different virus vectors including:

  • Adenovirus (Ad5)
  • Adeno-associated virus AAV-2 with different pseudotype;  1, 2,  5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 2-retro.
  • Lentivirus (VSV-G + Rabies) 2nd and 3rd generation
  • Retrovirus (VSV-G pseudotyped)

To place an order

Please visit the Order page to place an order.

For additional information,  please contact Marie-Eve Paquet, platform coordinator: mep@neurophotonics.ca.

Once your order has been reviewed, you will receive a quote for approval. We will also provide an estimated date of delivery.

MTA: Material Transfer Agreement

If you require an existing construction developed by the platform, you will need to sign a “MTA”, please contact Marie-Eve Paquet to obtain a copy. If you are requesting a virus produced using a contruct developed in another laboratory, you must sign an MTA with that laboratory, according to their specifications.

Acknowledging the Molecular tools platform

Articles published using tools we developed must acknowledge “Canadian Neurophotonics Platform Viral Vector Core Facility (RRID:SCR_016477)”